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Roczniki Socjologii Morskiej


Roczniki Socjologii Morskiej | 2012 | No XXI |


dr Maciej Kowalewski

Scientific Secretary
dr Robert Bartłomiejski

Editorial board
dr Żaneta Stasieniuk, dr Urszula Kozłowska

dr hab. Ignacy  Chrzanowski, prof. dr hab. Bogdan Gębski. prof. dr hab. Robert B. Woźniak, prof. dr hab. Włodzimierz Sperański, prof. dr hab. Janusz Sztumski


Roczniki Socjologii Morskiej. Annuals of Marine Sociology Instytut Socjologii US

Ul. Krakowska 71−79
71−017 Szczecin, Poland

Roczniki Socjologii Morskiej PAN
tel. 0048 660698730 (Robert Bartłomiejski, Scientific Secretary)

Polityka Open Access

The Annuals of Marine Sociology (AMS) Open Access Policy ensures that all users have unlimited access to the published articles. All authors submittinh articles to AMS are aware that their definitive version of the article are available to the public via AMS/PAN site as well as via other full text databases.
Articles published in Annuals are free of charge which means that the Authors do not incur any costs related to the publication of the articles neither do they receive any remuneration for it. The Editior reserves the right to select manuscripts for publication in subsequent issues as well as to shorten the texts and introduce relevant stylistic and nomenclature modifications into the text without contacting the Author. All articles published in the Annuals are anonymously peer-reviewed by reviewers, in accordance with the official list of reviewers.






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