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Twist extrusion is a processing method involving the extrusion of a sample with a prismatic cross-section using a tool composed of four prismatic parts bisected by a screw component. A beneficial change in mechanical durability is one of the main factors enabling the use of highly durable Al-Mg-Mn-Sc-Zr alloys to construct functional components of non-stationary robots. As part of the present research, ANSYS® software was used to simulate a twist extrusion process. An analysis of a sample entering and passing through the entire twisting area was performed, up to the point of full twisting of the base of the sample. The stress conditions in the sample were analysed as it passed through the twisting area. The highest stress values (reaching up to 600 MPa) were detected at the tips of the sample face as the sample exited the twisting area. The lowest stress values, at around 170 MPa, were detected at the side edges of the sample.
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