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This paper presents the construction of adequate 3-D computer models for simulation research and analysis of dynamic aspects of caliper disc brakes, as well as of drum brakes, actuated by a short stroke electromagnet or a hydraulic thruster, when these brake types are used in the hoisting mechanism of cranes. The adequacy of the 3-D models has been confirmed by comparing their simulation results with results from an experiment and from classic computational models. The classic computational models, related to the study of main dynamic features of friction brakes, are layouts that are based on a number of assumptions, such as that the braking force instantly reaches its steady-state value, the clearance between the friction lining and the disc/drum is neglected, etc. These assumptions lead to a limitation of research options. The proposed 3-D computer models improve the research layouts by eliminating a number of the classic model assumptions. The improvements are related to the determination of the braking time, braking torque, normal force and other dynamic aspects of the brakes by performing simulations that take into account: the braking force as a function of time, the presence of clearance between the friction lining and the disc/drum, etc.
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