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The study of the effectiveness of the removal of anionic natural organic matter (fulvic acids-FA and humic acids-HA) and inorganic anions (F-, Br-, NO3-) in MIEX®DOC process was performed. The influence of physico-chemical parameters of feed water on the process performance was investigated. The ion exchange process was carried out using strongly basic, macroporous polystyrene resin MIEX® by Orica Watercare. The synthetic feed waters differ in composition, i.e. concentration of FA and HA (ca. 6 and 12 mg/L), anions content (F-, Br-, NO3-) and of various alkalinity (ca. 20 and 120 mg/L as CaCO3) were used. The study confirmed the possibility of application of MIEX®DOC process for removal of anionic contaminants from water. It also showed the significant impact of feed water parameters on the process effectiveness. Moreover, the strong dependence of anions (F-, Br-, NO3-) removal, FA and HA concentration on the resin dose was revealed.
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