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Biogas production has a big potential to provide clean energy. To evaluate the future production and maturity of biogas technology the generalized Weng model was proved to be effective, due to it has the minimum error. The simple algorithms to determine its parameters have been proposed. The simulation results for China, USA, and EU have been presented. The quantity and quality analysis for biogas feedstock has been carried out. Energy Return on Energy Invested (EROEI) indicator for different biofuels was considered. According to analysis done biogas from maize residue and chicken manure has high EROEI. Shannon Index was suggested to evaluate the diversity of feedstock supply. Biomass energy cost indicator was grounded to be used for feedstock energy and cost assessment. Biogas utilization pathways have been shown. Biogas boilers and CHP have the highest thermal efficiency, but biogas (biomethane) has the highest potential to earn as a petrol substitute. Utilization of biogas upgrading by-product (carbon dioxide) enhances profitability of biogas projects. Methods to assess the optimal pathways have been described.
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