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The exudation layer seriously affects the properties and the surface finish of the tin bronze alloy. The effective control of the exudation thickness is important measure for improving the properties of the alloy. In order to study the influence of process parameters on the thickness of exudate layer, the tin bronze alloy was prepared by continuous unidirectional solidification technology at different process parameters. The microstructure of the continuous unidirectional solidification tin bronze alloy was analyzed. The effect of process parameters on microstructure and chemical compositions was studied by orthogonal experiment. The results show that there exists an exudation layer on the surface of the continuous unidirectional solidification tin bronze alloy, and the exudation is mainly composed of a tin-rich precipitated phase. It indicates that the continuous casting speed is the main factor affecting the thickness of exudation layer, followed by mold temperature, melt temperature, cooling water temperature and cooling distance.
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