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A Stirling cycle was developed by Rallis considering the adiabatic behaviour instead of isothermal behaviour of working fluid inside the expansion/compression volume, since the isothermal processes are very difficult to be realised in actual practice due to irreversibilities. In order to increase the performance of Rallis Stirling cycle engine, two modified versions of Rallis Stirling cycle engine model have been proposed and developed, called as Rallis modified Stirling cycle engine (RMSE). In this paper, the thermodynamic analysis of the developed models have been carried out and the simulated results are compared with the Rallis ideal model of Stirling cycle engine, as this model describes more accurately the thermodynamic cycle of practical Stirling machines. The results reveal the fact that the thermal efficiency of RMSE I model is enhanced by 38.06% and that of RMSE II model by 48.42%, whereas the power output is increased by 58.05% and 78.19% in case of RMSE I and RMSE II model respectively, when compared with the Rallis ideal adiabatic model of Stirling engine.
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