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A method for manufacturing of Al-Si alloy (EN AC-44200) matrix composite materials reinforced with MAX type phases in Ti-Al-C systems was developed. The MAX phases were synthesized using the Self-propagating High-Temperature Synthesis (SHS) method in its microwave assisted mode to allow Ti2AlC and Ti3AlC2 to be created in the form of spatial structures with open porosity. Obtained structures were subjected to the squeeze casting infiltration in order to create a composite material. Microstructures of the produced materials were observed by the means of optical and SEM microscopies. The applied infiltration process allows forming of homogeneous materials with a negligible residual porosity. The obtained composite materials possess no visible defects or discontinuities in the structure, which could fundamentally deteriorate their performance and mechanical properties. The produced composites, together with the reference sample of a sole matrix material, were subjected to mechanical properties tests: nanohardness or hardness (HV) and instrumental modulus of longitudinal elasticity (EIT).
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