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Solidification of AlSiFe alloys was studied using a directional solidification facility and the CALPHAD technique was applied to calculate phase diagrams and to predict occurring phases. The specimens solidified by electromagnetic stirring showed segregation across, and the measured chemical compositions were transferred into phase diagrams. The ternary phase diagrams presented different solidification paths caused by segregation in each selected specimen. The property diagrams showed modification in the sequence and precipitation temperature of the phases. It is proposed in the study to use thermodynamic calculations with Thermo-Calc which enables us to visualize the mushy zone in directional solidification. 2D maps based on property diagrams show a mushy zone with a liquid channel in the AlSi7Fe1.0 specimen center, where significant mass fraction (33%) of β-Al5FeSi phases may precipitate before α-Al dendrites form. Otherwise liquid channel occurred almost empty of β in AlSi7Fe0.5 specimen and completely without β in AlSi9Fe0.2. The property diagrams revealed also possible formation of α–Al8Fe2Si phases.
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