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Image analysis allows to acquire a number of valuable quantitative informations on the observed structure and make appropriate conclusions. So far, a large part of analyzed images came only from light microscopes, where it was a possibility of accurately distinguish the different phases on the plane. However, the problem happened in the case of the observation of images obtained by scanning electron microscopy. In this case, the presence of various shades of gray, and the spaciousness of the image attained. To perform the analysis the matrix images of the ausferritic ductile iron were used. Full analysis was carried out using the computer program MicroMeter 1.03. Results obtained in the analysis were related directly to the results from X-ray diffraction. Obtained as a result of the analysis were related directly to the results from X-ray diffractometer. The following technique has weaknesses, including the misinterpretation by the operator microscope or program. After all, it was possible to obtain similar results to the result that has been obtained from X-ray diffractometer.
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