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By the method of modern physical material science (optic microscopy scanning and transmission electron microscopy) the analysis of structural phase states, the morphology of the second phase inclusions and defect substructure of Al-Si alloy (silumin) of hypoeutectic composition, subjected to electron beam processing was done with the following parameters: energy density 25-35 J/cm2, beam length 150 μs, pulse number – 3, pulse repetition rate – 0.3 Hz, pressure of residual gas (argon) 0.02 Pa. The surface irradiation results in the melting of the surface layer, the dissolution of boundary inclusions, the stricture formation of high speed cellular crystallization of submicron sizes, the repeated precipitation of the second phase nanodimentional particles. With the increased distance from the irradiation surface the layer containing the second phase inclusions of quasi-equilibrium shape along with the crystallization cells was revealed. It is indicative of the processes of Al-Si alloy structure globalization on electron beam processing.
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