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Ultra-precision testing is a very important procedure to secure the reliability of the products as well as for the technology development in the areas of semiconductor and display. Accordingly, companies manufacturing equipment for testing of semiconductor and display have been continuously executing researches for the improvement of the performances of test sockets used in test equipment. Through this study, characteristics of the materials in accordance with the mechanical and electrical properties of Ni-30wt%Co alloy and newly developed Cu-2wt%Be alloy were analyzed in order to select the probe pin material of the socket, which is a key component used in the semiconductor testing equipment. In addition, finite element interpretation was executed by using Ansys Workbench 14.0 to comparatively analyze the finite element interpretation results and experimental results. Experiment was executed for the mechanical properties including tensile strength, elasticity modulus, specific heat, thermal expansion coefficient and Contact Force, for electrical properties, experiment on surface resistance, specific resistance and electrical conductivity was executed to measure the properties. It was confirmed that the results of finite element interpretation and experiment displayed similar trend and it is deemed that the Contact Force value was superior for Be-Co alloy. Through this study, it was confirmed that the newly developed Be-Co alloy is more appropriate as probe pin material used as the core component of test socket used in the semiconductor testing equipment than the existing Ni-Co alloy.
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