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Metallic bearing alloys have different types, most of which are tin (Babbitt) or bronze based. Bronze bearings are used at heavy duty conditions. The goal of this research is an investigation on the effect of cooling rate and pouring temperature (two important factors in casting production) on the Brinell hardness and pin-on-disc wear resistance (two important properties in bearing applications) of bronze SAE660. The melt had prepared by induction furnace. Then, it had poured in sand mold in four different casting conditions, including pouring temperatures of 950 oC and 1200 oC, and cooling with water and air. Finally, the microstructure, hardness and wear resistance of the SAE660 had investigated. The results indicated that if the maximum hardness, along with the minimum weight loss due to wear (or maximum wear resistance) is required; the contents of intermetallic compounds, lead phase and the solid solution phase should be more. In this way, the samples which are cooled in air and poured at 950 oC have the high hardness and the lowest weight loss.
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