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The microgrid (MG) technology integrates distributed generations, energy storage elements and loads. In this paper, dynamic performance enhancement of an MG consisting of wind turbine was investigated using permanent magnet synchronous generation (PMSG), photovoltaic (PV), microturbine generation (MTG) systems and flywheel under different circumstances. In order to maximize the output of solar arrays, maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technique was used by an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS); also, control of turbine output power in high speed winds was achieved using pitch angle control technic by fuzzy logic. For tracking the maximum point, the proposed ANFIS was trained by the optimum values. The simulation results showed that the ANFIS controller of grid-connected mode could easily meet the load demand with less fluctuation around the maximum power point. Moreover, pitch angle controller, which was based on fuzzy logic with wind speed and active power as the inputs, could have faster responses, thereby leading to flatter power curves, enhancement of the dynamic performance of wind turbine and prevention of both frazzle and mechanical damages to PMSG. The thorough wind power generation system, PV system, MTG, flywheel and power electronic converter interface were proposed by Rusing Mat-lab/Simulink.
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