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Measurements of the hardening process of the selected self-setting sands are presented in the hereby paper. Moulding sands were prepared on the matrix of „Szczakowa” sand of the Sibelco Company. Two resins: phenol-formaldehyde-furfuryl (FF/AF) and urea-formaldehydefurfuryl (MF/AF) were used for making moulding sands. – Methylbenzene-sulphonic acid was applied as a hardener for the moulding sand on FF/AF resin, while paratoluene-sulphonic acid for the moulding sand on MF/AF resin. Both hardeners were used in two concentrations: low – the so-called ‘slow’ hardener and high - ‘fast’ hardener. During investigations, the courses of the hardening process were determined, more accurately changes of the velocity of the ultrasound wave passage through the moulding sand cL = f(t) and changes of the moulding sand hardening degree versus time, Sx = f(t). In addition, the kinetics of the hardening process was determined. Measurements were performed on the research stand for ultrasound investigations.
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