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In Al-Si alloy the iron is the most common impurity and with presence of other elements in alloy creates the intermetallic compounds, which decreases mechanical properties and increases of porosity. The cause of the negative effect of intermetallic particles on the mechanical properties is that it is more easily break off the tension load as the aluminium matrix or small particles of silicon. By adding suitable alloying elements, also known as iron correctors, is possible to reduce this harmful effect. In the article is evaluated influence of manganese on microstructure with performed EDX analysis selected intermetallic phases and tensile test and measurement of length of Al5FeSi phase. For realization experiments was used AlSi7Mg0.3 alloy with increased iron content. Manganese was added in the amount 0.3 wt. %, 0.6 wt. %, 0.8 wt.% and 1,2 wt. %. From performed measurements it has been concluded, that increased amount of manganese, i.e. Mn/Fe ratio, does not have significant influence on mechanical properties AlSi7Mg0.3 alloy in the melted state.
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