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Twinned dendrites in Al-Zn alloy with high Zn content (40% wt.%) were successfully prepared by directional solidification. At different directional solidification rates (1000 and 1500 μm/s), microstructures and growth orientation variations of Al twinned dendrite and non-twinned dendrite were characterized. By using the inverted trapezoidal graphite sleeve at 1000 μm/s, Al twinned dendrite were formed to developed feather crystal structures in longitudinal section. Its primary and secondary twinned dendrite were grew along [110] direction. Moreover the deviation angle between [110] direction of Al twinned dendrite and the heat flow direction was about 27.15°. While not using the inverted trapezoidal graphite sleeve at 1000 and 1500 μm/s, Al dendrite was the non-twinned dendrite and the twinned dendrite was not appeared. The experimental results showed that the higher temperature gradient, a certain pulling rate and convection environment were the formation conditions of twinned dendrites.
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