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The article discusses the process of copper production in a slurry furnace and in a converter, with the indication of corrosion effects of the extractor. The furnace shaft and settling furnace of the flash furnace were analyzed. The basic factors determining the choice of singlestage technology of copper smelting in relation to the exploitation of refractory materials were indicated. The effects of dissolving the furnace lining material through slag have been presented. Structural analysis results using a scanning microscope are also included. The kinetics of destruction of ceramic materials under the influence of copper slag were evaluated. It has been shown that detailed analyzes are necessary in order to extend the time of furnace extensibility of furnaces in copper processes. The surface layer of the crucible softens due to saturation with slag reagents and is then washed out and moves in the solid form to the slag. The research in the article indicate not only the possibility of dissolution of the ceramic material in the molten slag, but also possibility of erosive activity of the slag on that material.
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