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The report presents research efforts on the synthesis of Zn/MoS2 composite coatings by electrochemical reduction from a sulphate-borate bath containing MoS2 powder as a dispersion phase at various concentrations. The structure of the Zn/MoS2 composite coatings was characterised and the effect of MoS2 particles embedded on their microhardness was evaluated. The coatings produced are characterized by a compact, homogeneous structure and a good connection to a steel substrate. The incorporation of MoS2 particles into the zinc matrix has an influence on the structure and morphology of the Zn/MoS2 composite coatings. It was found that the presence of MoS2 particles increases surface roughness along with coating hardness. The incorporation of the MoS2 particles into the zinc matrix slightly improves the corrosion resistance compared to Zn coatings, making the corrosion potential shift towards more electropositive values.
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