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Casting is the most widely used manufacturing technique. Furan No-bake mould system is very widely accepted in competitive foundry industries due to its excellent characteristics of producing heavy and extremely difficult castings. These castings have excellent surface finish and high dimensional stability. Self setting and high dimensional stability are the key characteristics of FNB mould system which leads to reduce production cycle time for foundry industries which will ultimately save machining cost, labour cost and energy. Compressive strength is the main aspect of furan no bake mould, which can be improved by analyzing the effect of various parameters on it. ANN is a useful technique for determining the relation of various parameters like Grain Fineness Number, Loss on Ignition, pH, % resin and temperature of sand with compressive strength of the FNB mould. Matlab version: R2015a version 8.3 software with ANN tool box can be used to gain output of relation. This paper deals with the representation of relationship of various parameters affecting on the compressive strength of FNB mould
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