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This article presents the results of studies in the hypoeutectic silumin destined for pressure die casting with the simultaneous addition of chromium and tungsten. The study involved the derivative and thermal analysis of the crystallization process, metallographic analysis and mechanical properties testing. Silumin 226 grade was destined for studies. It is a typical silumin to pressure die casting. AlCr15 and AlW8 preliminary alloys were added to silumin. Its quantity allowed to obtain 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4% of Cr and W in the tested alloy. Studies of the crystallization process as well as the microstructure of the silumin poured into DTA sampler allowed to state the presence of additional phase containing 0.2% or more Cr and W. It has not occurred in silumin without the addition of above mentioned elements. It is probably the intermetallic phase containing Cr and W. DTA studies have shown this phase crystallizes at a higher temperature range than α (Al) solid solution. In the microstructure of each pressure die casting containing Cr and W the new phases formed. Mechanical properties tests have shown Cr and W additives in silumin in an appropriate amount may increase its tensile strength Rm (about 11%), the yield strength Rp0.2 (about 21%) and to a small extent elongation A.
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