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This article focuses on the study of the influence of remelting and subsequent natural and artificial ageing on the structure of recycled AlSi9Cu3 alloy with increased iron content. The assessed changes in eutectic silicon and iron-based intermetallic phases were carried out using optical and scanning electron microscopy. The degradation of the eutectic silicon morphology due to remelting occurred only at the highest numbers of remelting. The effect of remelting the investigated alloy, which is accompanied by a gradual increase in wt. % Fe, began to manifest significantly through a change in the length of the ferric phases after the fourth remelting. As expected, the artificial ageing process has proven to be more effective than natural ageing. It has led to a change in the eutectic silicon morphology and has been beneficial in reducing the lengths of adverse ferric phases. The use of alloys with higher numbers of remelting, or with greater “contamination”, for the manufacture of shape-challenging castings is possible when using a suitable method of eliminating the negative factors of the remelting process. The results of our investigation show a suitable method of the above elimination the application of heat treatment T5 – via artificial ageing.
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