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The solution of applications for air pollution control in foundries for iron and non-ferrous metals may not only be understood as the observance of requested emission limit values at the stack outlet. An effective environmental protection already starts with the greatest possible capture of pollutants at the source with at the same time minimisation of the volume flow necessary for this. Independent of this, the downstream installed filtration system has to realise a degree of separation of definitely above 99%. Furthermore, when selecting the filter construction, attention has to be paid to a high availability. An even temporarily production without filter will more and more no longer be accepted by residents and authorities. Incidents at the filter lead to a shutdown of the whole production. Additional measures for heat recovery while preparing concepts for filtration plants help to reduce the energy consumption and serve for a sustained conservation of environment. A consequent consideration of the items above is also condition for the fact that environmental protection in foundries remains affordable. The lecture deals with the subjects above from the point of view of a plant constructor.
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