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Archives of Civil Engineering | 2010 | No 2 |


This paper presents the possibility to apply numerical simulation in static analysis of reinforcedconcrete structure strengthened with carbon fibre reinforced polymer composite strips (CFRP).Reinforced concrete beams, with strengthening in form values CFRP made of carbon fibres andepoxy resin, featuring various width, as well as non-strengthened bent beams, were analysed. Thesimply supported beams arranged in a free support scheme were subjected to two concentratedforces within full range of loading (until collapse). The numerical analysis was performed throughapplication of the Finite Elements Method (FEM), and the calculation model applied took intoaccount the geometric and physical nonlinearity. The problem was solved by application of thequasi-staticstrategy method of calculations using ABAQUS software. While analysing the results,we focused on the run of changes in structure displacement and development of material damage,up to the point of destruction of the beam.

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The behaviour of concrete under quasi-static loadings for uniaxial compression, tension and planestress conditions is studied. The failure criteria of concrete are discussed as well as the methodsof constitutive parameters identification are elaborated. The attention is focus on an energeticinterpretation of selected failure criteria. The numerical example with concrete damage plasticitymaterial model is shown.

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In the paper, the Hasofer-Lind index is applied for determining the probability of stability loss oftruss structure under random load. In 1974 Hasofer-Lind proposed a modified reliability index thatdid not exhibit the invariance problem. The “correction” is the evaluation the limit state functionat a point known as the “design point”, instead of the mean values. The design point is generallynot known a priori, an iteration technique must be used to find out the reliability index. The papershows how the reliability index changes under the influence of different variables mean value,standard deviation, and probability density function.

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Complex structural engineering projects that involve information-gathering and decision-makingprocesses need to be approached with appropriate systems and tools. As transactional databasesare found to be insufficient for this purpose, engineers are adopting multidimensional informationsystems that have been successfully used in other areas of management, especially business.

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The paper describes experimental research of slab-column connections examined on specimendesigned as a part of reinforced concrete structure with flat slabs. The aim of the research wasto verify the efficiency of slab reinforcement concept against punching shear by increasing slab’smechanical reinforcement ratio by applying additional external reinforcement in the form of carbonfiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) strips.

The capacity enhancement in comparison to unstrengthened slab obtained 36%.

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Henryk Zobel

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Andrzej M. Brandt
Werner Brilon (Germany)
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Luc Courard (Belgium)
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Andrzej Garstecki
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Marian Giżejowski
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Zbigniew Młynarek
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Jan Szwabowski
Waldemar Świdziński
Andrew P. Tarko (USA)
Marian Tracz
Edmundas K. Zavadskas (Lithuania)
Jerzy Ziółko

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